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“This fast-moving, enjoyable book shows you how to overcome every obstacle and achieve any goal you can set for yourself.”

– Brian Tracy, Author of EAT THAT FROG!

“Unlimiting Your Beliefs is truly inspirational and helped me personally tap into the dreams I have put aside, and now can see becoming a reality.”

– Michele Germain LCSW, LMFT

“This book is about how to conquer the limiting beliefs that crowd our mind and how to unleash the amazing power to achieve our desires. Karen pushes through to the end and shows us how to actively change our mindsets to focus on our goals. What an amazing story of human potential!”

– Juan Pablo Taboada

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Karen Brown

Karen Brown is an expert on transforming beliefs and achieving goals and dreams. She identified the 7 keys to unlimiting one’s beliefs, through the process of accomplishing her own long-term goals and overcoming her own limiting beliefs. Karen is CEO of a business psychology coaching company, a best-selling author, speaker and ultra-athlete. Read more…


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