Book Reviews

“If you are looking for a real-world prescription for “living” versus just “not dying,” you must read this book. I would challenge anyone to read it and not be transformed.”

“Karen Brown provides those of us who aren’t, and will never be, extreme athletes an opportunity to experience vicariously through her experiences. Unlimiting Your Beliefs; 7 Keys to Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life takes you on an amazing journey that culminates with Karen finishing the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. It is a journey to the pinnacle of extreme sports, and as a reader, I truly felt as though I had completed the journey as well.”

“Karen’s writing style is fluid and very descriptive. She uses vivid imagery, and provides insight into how she is processing her surroundings, which really engages the reader. Her willingness to be vulnerable and share some of her personal tragedies and challenges allows the reader to relate to her on a very personal level. It also inspires the reader as her story unfolds and we get to see the raw grit and determination that is necessary to persevere to the status of elite athlete. I became so engrossed in her wonderful story telling, I consumed the book in one sitting!”

Michael Watkins
President, The Alchemy Group

“I received an advance copy of Unlimiting Your Beliefs by Karen Brown and loved her story. She shares her personal story of always feeling she had to prove herself, the desire to pursue her own passions and overcoming one of the greatest challenge, The Ironman.” Karen’s story is filled with raw emotions, challenge, and victory. Whether you are an athlete or not, Unlimiting Your Beliefs is a excellent read! There are many powerful resources and strategies that one can apply into their own life. I highly recommend this book!”

Cynthia Mazzaferro
Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Energy Healer

“Karen Brown demonstrates a tremendous understanding of what it takes to transform limiting beliefs and attitudes that keep one from achieving their goals and dreams. Her book Unlimiting Your Beliefs: 7 Keys To Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life is a practical guide and compelling reading for anyone wanting to empower their lives. I feel like she takes the reader by the hand as she shares her story and shows how to live a more reflective and conscious life. It is truly inspirational and helped me personally to tap into the dreams I have put aside, and now can see becoming a reality.”

Michele Germain LCSW, LMFT,
Author, Psychotherapist and Life Coach

“WOULD YOU MAKE THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE? You have a Big Dream, a Determined Will to do something that you can only dream of. If you didn’t know the pathway, would you give up? Would you pay the ultimate price of giving up something personal to realize the dream? Most people give up because they don’t have a guide. Author Karen Brown has given this incredible story and the blue print she followed to manifest her dream. It’s authentic and real…a COACH has taken the path less traveled, a COACH has gone where you want to go…Author Brown is that coach and this is the students’ hand illustrating a true story of accomplishing her ultimate dream, something few people in the world will ever do. I loved this book!”

Tom Dutta
Founder/CEO Kre-at

“Karen Brown tells a determined and transformative story of her journey to
race in one of the worlds toughest races. This book is about how to conquer
the limiting beliefs that crowd our mind and how to unleash the amazing
power to achieve our desires. Through the ups and downs, Karen pushes
through to the end and shows us how to actively change our mindsets to focus
on our goals. What an amazing story of human potential!”

Juan Pablo Taboada

“In Unlimiting Your Beliefs: 7 Keys To Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life, author Karen Brown takes readers on her own journey of self-discovery, with all its peaks and valleys, as she pursued her dream of competing in the IRONMAN World Championship. Readers will greatly enjoy the engaging story of her pursuit and also benefit from Karen’s lessons learned along the way. She gives readers permission to fill in the blank with their own big dreams and then hands over the keys needed to realize those dreams.”

Tamie Hopp
Director of Alumni & Foundation Services
National American University and the NAU Foundation

Unlimiting Your Beliefs is an impressive and inspiring story. Karen tells about her journey to compete in one of the most grueling athletic events, the Ironman. This not only shows what it takes physically but also mentally. The vulnerability that Karen shows is remarkable here and a lesson to us all. Her path is not an easy one and full of what we all face day to day. I know for myself there is a place where I find myself asking, “Am I enough?” like I think many of us do. Karen too asks this question and shows us all how to move past this and conquer fears about achieving our goals. These goals can be any, since the Ironman asks Karen to conquer her physical tasks but the mental ones are the bigger challenge. This is an inspiring read for all to get past their “beliefs” about what they are capable to do and achieve what we really want!!!!”

Forrest Pickett
Senior Staff Product Marketing Engineer | Xilinx

“I have never run a marathon, participated in any triathlon, or ever conceived the notion of ever attempting anything associated with an Ironman competition; however, after reading Unlimiting Your Beliefs: 7 Keys to Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life; Told Through My Journey to the Toughest Race in the World I feel as though I am ready to climb Mount Everest! Karen Brown shows us what it is truly like to be in the “flow” or the “zone” of simply setting goals, achieving them, and the complete transformation that takes place as you do. I felt as though I was right beside her in each competition! Her story is an amazing journey of self-discovery and determination that will change your world view—and, of course, changing yourself! I couldn’t help but think about Psalm 121: “I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Karen not only shows us the importance of seeking God’s guidance, but she shows us that there is nothing (but ourselves) that can stop us from running up and over those hills! An awesome read that you will not be able to put down! J.W. Kitson (author of Song of the Tree Frogs)”

John Smith

“For anyone looking to add to their read list, check out Karen Brown‘s new book, “Unlimiting Your Beliefs.”  I met Karen last year and in the time we spent together she made a substantial impact on my business and personal mindset. CHECK IT OUT!”

Ben Riehle
Team Leader – Apex Team Keller Williams Southern Arizona

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Karen’s account of her journey. I have already read this book TWICE in a week and had different “ah ha’s” from each read. Author and Coach Karen Brown has shared her journey of realizing her biggest dream. A HUGE goal!! She shares that she had to ask for help. She wrote about the things she did right—and the things she did wrong…and what she learned from them. She asks us to ask ourselves: Are you who you want to be? Have you reached your full potential? Have you achieved all that you can? Through Karen’s story and her 7 Keys to Greater Success, she will help you learn how to identify your goals and how to achieve them. I am not a triathlete by any means, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Karen’s account of her journey. I have not achieved my full potential….have you?”

Jennifer Walsh, Realtor
Keller Williams Premier Realty in Rochester, Minnesota

“Compelling, Deep, and Emotionally Revealing. As I consult business owners I can attest that what Ms. Brown writes about in her challenge to compete in one of the hardest competitions in the world is similar to much successful business owner’s journeys. I found it surprising the level of detailed struggle, revealing of her emotions and thoughts that most authors are shy to talk about. I don’t know many friends that would reveal to me personally what she has written. And I certainly don’t know too many business owners who would be this truthful. If she holds anything back I could not find it. It was a very powerful emotional journey to success. It’s a very compelling read that I believe will make it hard to stop reading.”


“Deep, mature honesty with self and others! I don’t even like competitive sports but I loved this book. It provides a clear blueprint for any person who is pursuing a difficult goal of any type, personal, social, or professional. I rated this book at five stars, something I seldom do, because of Karen’s repeated, honest, and insightful soul-searching. She is brutally honest with herself at each step of her journey–a feat few people can achieve because we all shield ourselves in protective layers to avoid true ownership of areas we must improve. Like I said above, I don’t care about sports but in the chapters where Karen reached her goal, I repeatedly felt a bubble of emotion welling up from deep parts of myself, urging her on and celebrating her mastery over her body and mind. The pictures in the book share deeply personal times from her struggles and success. This is a well written book with an outstanding message for anyone seeking to achieve a major goal in their life!”

Karel Rogers PhD Vertebrate Zoology / Paleoherpetology
Former Professor of Biology Emeritus, Dean of Science and Natural Resources

“A clear and concise handbook that offers guidelines for realizing your potential!
Clear and concise pathways towards enabling ways to unlock your potential. So many books include waffle but Karen’s book include actionable guidelines towards achieving what you are capable of. Great job.”

Erik Seedhouse PhD.
Aerospace Scientist, Author, Astronaut Training Consultant

“Unlimiting Your Beliefs” by Karen Brown was gifted to me at Christmas. It came at the perfect time to start the new year with a new attitude. I am not a competitive athlete but I still needed inspiration to get my body and mind moving. This book has been the perfect tool.

Linda Ybarra
Retired International Flight Attendant

“Karen Brown is the real deal! She motivates and inspires, while baring her soul. Through her writing, Karen takes us with her on her quest to conquer the formidable IRONMAN! She willingly shares her frustrations and nagging self doubt that we all experience. She’s one of us. Then she hands us the road map and shows us how we too, can overcome our own limiting beliefs and achieve our biggest goals. Everyone should read this book!”

Sue Balch
CEO, Balch Logistics, LLC

“For anyone questioning their ability to accomplish something or having a hard time visualizing being successful I strongly recommend reading Karen’s Brown’s book, Unlimiting Your Beliefs. This book is NOT about being number one or being the highest achiever; this book is about digging deep down, visualizing your success and transforming yourself to accomplish something that may seem impossible. Even though the backdrop is an athletic journey, the seven keys have meaningful application in business as well. By believing in yourself and learning how to get rid of doubt there’s nothing you can’t accomplish, is the message that I received from reading this book.
I love the story Karen gives us of her quest to finally accomplishing her dream to compete in the Ironman in Kona, Hawaii. Karen is totally real in the entire story writing about her weaknesses and not only how she dealt with them but how she found the right people in her life to either coach or mentor her to improve. It is her relatability to everyone, that makes this book so helpful. I will always reference this story when I feel as though I am not able to accomplish something. What Karen had to endure just to be able to compete in the Kona Ironman was insanely difficult and could only be accomplished by rewiring her limiting beliefs. Thank you, Karen for such an inspirational story and message!”

Aaron Muller
Author of The Lifestyle Business Owner – Business Broker