Upcoming Events

Think Bold Be Bold Podcast Interview with Christopher Cumby and Allan Wich – TBD 2018
Podcast with Matt Wilson – December 2018
Executive Women’s Summit Keynote speech on ‘Business Psychology Blind Spots and Unconscious Bias’ – Fall 2018
Absolute Advantage podcast interview with Kelly Hatfield – January 2019
Entrepology Podcast with Dr. Meghan Walker – January 2019
The Conscious Pivot Podcast – January 2019
Execunet Master Class Leadership Podcast – March 2019

Past Events

Leadership Happy Hour with Chip Lutz – December 2018
Top Performer Podcast with Neal Antigua – November 2018
Leadership and Loyalty with Dov Baron and Scott Paton – November 2019
Mile High Mentors with Connor Dube – November 2018
Join Up Dots podcast interview with David Ralph – September 2018
Dr. Jason Brooks Leadership Podcast – September 2018
Burn it Up Coaching: Become Your Greatest Possible Self podcast interview with Chris Burns– August 2018
Growth Expert podcast interview with Dennis Brown – August 2018
NextFem Podcast Interview with Tara Padua – August 2018
Build a Better Agency Podcast Interview with Drew McLellan – August 2018
The Dream Catcher Podcast with Seline Shenoy – August 2018
The Win podcast interview with Heather Havenwood – July 2018
Nice Guys/Biz Wiz podcast interview with Doug Sandler – July 2018
Manager Mojo podcast interview with Steve Caldwell – July 2018
Becoming Your Best podcast interview with Steve and Rob Shallenberger – July 2018
The Success 101 Podcast 2nd Interview with Jarrod Warren (2nd Interview) – June 2018
National American University Commencement Address Keynote to 1,500 graduates in Rapid City, SD – June 2018
Book Event with 100 people, Rapid City – June
Colorado National American University Campuses – Commencement Speech to all campuses – June 2018
Smashing the Plateau Podcast Interview with David Shriner-Cahn – June 2018
Success IQ podcast interview with Geoff Nicholson – June 2018
Inspired Conversation podcast interview with Amy Schuber – June 2018
Circuit of Success podcast interview with Brett Gilliland – June 2018
The Success 101 Podcast interview with Jarrod Warren – June 2018
Total CEO podcast interview with Vinnie Fisher – May 2018
Conscious Millionaire podcast interview with J V Crum III – May 2018
Ageless Living Lifestyle podcast interview with Rico Caveglia – May 2018
Greater Positive Productivity podcast interview with Kim Sutton – May 2018
Hidden Why podcast interview with Leigh Martinuzzi – May 2018
The Five Minute Bark podcast interview with Dennis Langlais – May 2018
Binge Live Show – May 2018
Dream Think Do podcast interview with Mitch Matthews – May 2018
Radio Interview on The Lifestyle Business Owner Radio Show with Aaron Muller Part 1  & Part 2 -May 2018
Scientific Healing Radio podcast interview with Dr. Anastasia Chopelas – May 2018
Podcast Guest Appearance on “The Google Partners Podcast” with Alex Langshur – April 2018
New Media Summit – pitch to 40 top Podcasts Live – April 2018
Debut on Curating Connections with Lori Hanson (Showcases Karen as industry expert) – April 2018
Morgan James Red Carpet Author Event in Nashville, TN – March 2018
Podcast Guest Appearance on The Entreprenuer Way – March 2018
National American University Alumni Webinar Series – February 2018
Podcast Guest Appearance on ROI with Scott Autenreith – February 2018
Podcast Guest Appearance on The Quiet Warrior with Tom Dutta – January 2018
Unlimiting Your Beliefs: 7 Keys to Greater Success in your Personal and Professional Life Released – January 2018.
Virtual Book Release Party:Follow me on Facebook or check the blog for my daily broadcasts – January 2018
Book Appearance at Barnes & Noble 8136 W. Bowles Ave. Littleton, CO 80123 – January 2018

If you’d like to schedule an event with Karen, email us at speaker@velocitylc.com.